Environmental art is used in two different contexts: it can be used generally to art dealing with ecological issues and/or the natural, such as the formal, the political historical, or the social context.


David Gosling uses a variety of materials to create art/sculptures in the landscape, in both contemporary and traditional form.

From a weaving background, his work developed into weaving into the landscape which is still evident in much of his work, including the more permanent pieces.

living willowclay faces

willow figures

David has created numerous pieces, both contemporary and figurative, sometimes on a large scale using thin rods for  long lasting structures with a framework of thick willow/steel rods.His son Adam helps with larger pieces.

His work is enviromental because he uses recycled or reclaimed materials for many of the pieces and his themes are usually of the natural form for eg. People or animals.

He also uses paint as a medium.

The paintings are simply placed on location in a woodland setting, uncamouflaged in the natural environment.

you can find more of his work at http://www.davidgosling.com/

I think he is and inspiring artist and enjoy exploring his work.