Keith Haring was born on May 4, 1958.

He Graduated in ’78 and moved to new york the same year.

Many of his painting and drawing have religious connotations perhaps he was exploring the idea that religion and the church are not the saviours that the leading faith leaders would like society to believe.

Between 1980 and 1989, Haring achieved international recognition and participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions clubs, developing watch designs for Swatch and an advertising campaign for Absolut vodka; and creating murals worldwide.

keith harring Haring’s bold lines and active figures carry poignant messages of vitality and unity. His legacy made an impact on late 20th century art and grants us all a vision for the future.

Haring was able to push his own youthful thoughts toward a singular kind of graphic expression based on the primacy of the line.

Haring devoted much of his time to public works, which often carried social messages. He produced more than 50 public artworks between 1982 and 1989, in dozens of cities around the world, many of which were created for charities, hospitals, children’s day care centers and orphanages.

The now famous Crack is Wack mural of 1986 has become a landmark along New York’s FDR Drive

Berlin Project

similar themes thought are the faceless naked expressionless figures many in some sort of conflict maybe suggesting that society has lots some values that people are just melting into one mass of faceless nothingness without care passion, morals and  capitalist.

Haring died of AIDS related complications at the age of 31 on February 16, 1990.

he was able to attract a wide audience and assure the accessibility and staying power of his imagery, which has become a universally recognized visual language of the 20th century.

the  work can be seen today in the exhibitions and collections of major museums around the world.