The wonderfully evocative PEN Story short film was created to commemorate the 5oth anniversary of the Olympus penseries of cameras. The stop-motion video was created by shooting 60,000 individual pictures, out of which 9,600 shots were selected to be printed. An additional 1,800 photographs were shot once again to complete the animation process.

Pen story

This is a touching Animation capturing someones life from the beginning through the different stages of life untill not the end but the later years in life, where perhaps a new story begins.

This is a brilliant example of animation and very clever use of bringing pictures stills to life.

Olympus thought the best way to celebrate the life of the Olympus pen camera was to make an animation using the camera showing the potential we all could have in capturing our memories in life.

it was a massive production in order to take the thousands of photos needed and link them together I think well worth it they added a great song this adds to the ambiance to the peace.

I love this animation ENJOY!!!!