Le Corbusier  (1887-1965), widely acclaimed as the most influential architect of the 20th century, was also a celebrated thinker, writer and artist  a multi-faceted  man. His architecture and radical ideas for reinventing modern living, from private villas to   social housing to utopian urban plans, still resonate today

The 5 points of architecture were:

* the poilotis (column ) elevating the mass of ground.

* the free plan,through separation of the load bearing column from the walls subdividing the space.

*the free facade, the corollary of the free pain in the vertical plane.

*the long horizontal sliding window.

* the roof garden, restoring the area of ground covered by the house.

Le Corbusier’s early work was related to nature, but as his ideas matured,he developed the Maison-Domino, a basic building prototype for mass production with free-standing pillars and rigid floors. In 1917 he settled in Paris where he issued his book Vers une architecture [Towards a New Architecture], based on his earlier articles in L’Esprit Nouveau.


During World War II, Le Corbusier produced little beyond some theories on his utopian ideals and on his modular building scale. In 1947, he started his Unite d’habitation . Although relieved with sculptural roof-lines and highly colored walls, these massive post-war dwelling blocks received justifiable criticism.







Le Corbusier’s post-war buildings rejected his earlier industrial forms and utilized vernacular materials, brute concrete and articulated structure.




Near the end of his career he worked on several projects in India, which utilized brutal materials and sculptural forms. In these buildings he readopted the recessed structural column, the expressive staircase, and the flat undecorated plane of his celebrated five points of architecture.







Still his work influces modern art and architecture. today many buildings and furiture are bare his trademark design.


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some of his work to the music of one of my faves Pink Floyd enjoy !!


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