I think that Frank Lloyd Wrights work is a example of modernism because he  used the newest materials and technologies like poured concrete to incorporate  his  love of nature.

Believing that “the space within that building is the reality of that building”, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (1867-1959) was one of the most prolific and influential architects of the 20th century. From his early Prairie Style homes, to the sculptural curves of the Guggenheim Museum in New York he defined a North American style of architecture which was rich in emotion and sensitive to its surroundings. His architecture and its environment that makes Wright’s work seem still relevent today. His long career saw him predict the modernist ideas like his early work Prairie houses that had open plan opening up the space inside. the external on the other hand used horizontal and vertical lines. His earlier work saw his insight into the open plan office spaces that we still use today.


his forward thinking ideas like using the ”machine” in design incorporating traditional materials to complement the design.


his fallingwater project is one of his most famous pieces the idea that the forest,  dramatic rock ledges and boulders; these were elements incorporated in the  spaces of his structure.  Wright’s insight was more deeply. He understood that people were part nature, which conformed to nature would conform to what was basic in people although all of Fallingwater is opened by broad bands of windows, people inside are sheltered as in a deep cave . Their attention is directed toward the outside by low ceilings and  the textures of the woodland frame, the materials of the structure blend with the colorings of rocks and trees, The paths within the house, stairs and passages flow without formality or  and the house hardly has a main entrance, there are many ways in and out. enjoying the seasons fully. So people are relaxed enjoying nature in this space.

One of the founders of modern architecture in North America, Frank Lloyd Wright embraced the use of new technology, materials and engineering to create some of the 20th century’s most influential and iconic buildings.

Wright liked to integrate his work with nature and had a good understanding of nature It was this gift that marked him out from contemporary architecture, such as Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, and make his buildings with

even stunning in lego!!

Most of Wright’s residential commissions in this period were for middle-income professionals such as teachers and journalists, like Frederick Robie. The 1935 commission for Fallingwater at Mill Run, Pennsylvania from Edgar J. Kaufmann – imaginative solution for a residential commission which is among his most famous buildings.

Bringing as much light into the home bringing nature in as well as making the outdoors seem indoors