I would consider these artists to be contemorary artsits as they use new and unusual ways to express there meaning and thoughts of individual pieces. from silent films, aranging fruit on tables of pictures of nails on a wall in stages. I think these 3 artists are exciting and forward thinking artists.

Steve Mcqueen British artist and filmmaker.

English filmmaker and video artist, his first major film, Bear (1993), exhibited His black-and-white silent films, in which he often appears in a  highly controlled environment in which they are projected. This minimalist and anti-narrative approach. In Deadpan (1997), he restages a Buster Keaton stunt in which a standing person is unscathed by a falling house wall, transforming a slapstick motif into a visually rich exploration of cinematic conventions. Deadpan is projected on an entire wall of an enclosed cubic white room, provoking a physical relationship between viewer and film. The 1998 sculpture White Elephant and the use of stills photography in Current (1999) demonstrate the range of McQueen’s work. In under emphasizing the importance to his films of his own presence, McQueen avoids questions of identity and racial politics that are often imposed on his work, reinforcing a characteristically open approach to meaning. McQueen was the winner of the 1999 Turner Prize. His work is minimalist and anti narrative. His more resent work Hunger continues to receive praise for his film about the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland.

this is an intense film and a very visual piece this is a thought-provoking film no matter what views we may have on the subject it gets us the viewer to think of the time and for me who visited Ireland a lot as a child and had to go through Belfast at that time i remember the army presence and the tanks and I think  this film captures the mood of the time brilliantly.

Sara Lucas

she uses furniture  through her career she has continued use everyday materials to make works that use humour, visual puns and sexual metaphor to discuss sex, death, Englishness and gender.

In works such as Bitch (table, t-shirt, melons, and vacuum-packed smoked fish, 1995), she merges tabloid culture with the economy of the ready-made. In earlier work, she had displayed enlarged pages from the Sunday Sport newspaper.

Sarah Lucas is also known for her self-portraits, such as Human Toilet Revisited, 1998, a colour photograph in which she sits on a toilet smoking a cigarette. In her solo exhibition The Fag Show at Sadie Coles in 2000, she used cigarettes as a material, as in Self-portrait with Cigarettes (2000).  substitute for the human body.

a self portrait she seems to be commenting on society’s obsession with the sexulisation  of the female form.

the sculpture lays in the Surrealist lineage in terms of the materials used.

a video with some of her work.

Though her work is controversal i do find it quite disturbing at times I understand the concepts of work but find them rather grimy almost dirty the fact that woman are seen as objects at times in the media and life and she is turning the notion on its head that objects of beauty perhaps are maybe not as beautiful of even the fact of that the ugly can be beautiful the functions of life ie sex or sexuality are not always tied up in pretty packages the real life and its functions are sometimes grimy or dirty.



Martin creed

is a conceptual artist who believes the idea behind the work is the most important part of the work the meaning of it.

he is interested in steps or increments – up down he says ” art gallery is a theatre”

” the audience is free to come and go ” though his work is simplistic it is effective and investigate real life. his work in the tate where a series of different  runners sprint through the gallery suggests life – runners come and go alone as we are and the it ends.  the work is happening in the gallery with the public.

work 701

these nails are in stages of size  i like this its clean and striking and visually looks good i prefer this type of artwork as opposed to Sarah lucus though i like her message i am personally not that keen on her style but again this is just my preference.