came across this artical about human printers and thought it was great.

As  iam looking at colours I thought it was interesting to put it on my blog.

Unlike any other printer the human printer creates unique, individual images each time it prints. Following the same process as a digital printer, the human printer generates the printed product by hand. Throughout the printing process the human printer assumes the role of the machine and is therefore controlled and restricted by the process of using CMYK halftones created on the computer.




The Human Printer is a project started by a group of people who reprint images in CMYK pointillism, BY HAND.

the human printers as a group are concerned about the increasing use of machinary not just for an enviromental point of view. they say ‘we are losing the essence of human production and craft to the machine, resulting in a soulless utilitarianism’. Each work of art is a one off piece and the tedius nature of the task makes them exciting new art works.

Each ‘printer‘ lends their own character to the images printed due to varying degrees of accuracy, speed, size in the human act of dotting. Making every work a true one off.

All of the images printed by The Human Printer have been donated by members of the public through their website. You can also go there to see more prints as well as what’s currently ‘printing’.Their limited edition hand-bound book designed by Louise Naunton Morgan.

For more information:…/thehumanprinter/