My running legs I use to run away

My smiling face I use to hide the pain inside

My waving arms I use to catch your eye that’s a stray

My aching inside my smiles hide

I run around with no care to see

I run around with lots of care

I am full of cares for me

The anger hides what you have done

The loneliness I have can be seen on my face

The empty feeling that wants to run

I am alone in a crowed place

I care you don’t want me

I care you don’t love me

You have chosen another path without me

You have chosen a life without me

You left me why?

You didn’t want me why?

You don’t see what you have done why?

Did I not smile enough?

Did I not help enough?

Did I not love you enough?

Am I not enough?

If tried a little harder would you have stayed?

If I was good would you have stayed?

If I did everything you wanted

Would you have stayed?

I am part of you

You are part of me

I was yours

I am yours

I will always be yours

Why were  you never mine?