• Ambiguity
  • Diaphanous
  • condition
  • crash
  • ephemeral
  • loop
  • sequential
  • serendipity
  • utopia

Using the words above create a visual image for each word.

provide justification of your chosen image and how it relates to the text, this should be both visually and conceptually.

could you provide a technical explanation and justification of your image that looks at pixel depth, compression, colour and the software techniques used.

Any pictures I have taken myself I used a 14mp Olympus waterproof camera and a Sony Ericson 8mp camera phone.

The size of the pics were saved as web size 640 x 480 and 72 pixels resolution.

I used the adobe cs5.5 master suite – Photoshop.


I chose this image because although you can see it is a person person you are not sure what they are reacting to. Are they scared, frightened, angry, upset or excited. It is an ambiguous picture.

This was taken with a compact camera in low light with the flash on. The backround was very dark with a shadowy appearance with the facial contours much darker. I then put this image into photoshop where I made layers and converted into a smart object and retastersized the layer so i could remove the backround.  I changed the hue and saturation and changing the colours to the light blue. I played about with some of the shading and the image was finished. My initial image was alot more hazy and almoset like a smarm of colour but i decided to change it and have it more simple,  saved it as a jpeg and I uploaded it to the pc this way.



This is my image for the word diaphanous.  I chose this image because the inital concept i had was for looking through glass at somthing. I saw an image of an amsterdam shop girl standing looking with a blank expression on her face through the window.  The purpose of the girl is as clear as the glass we see her through. What she has to do and become is clear.

I saw this lovely image of the girl in the window her expression was quite blank. I imported the image to photoshop and made about 9 cpoy layers of the same image. the 1st layer i changed the hue and saturation to a dark pink making the yellow in the picture much darker leaving the opacity at 100%. The 2nd layer I did the same with the hue and saturation but a  little lighter and changed the opacity to 80%. I contuned to do the same with every layer making them all slightly different. I made some layers into smart objects and retastersised the layers so i could remove different parts of the picture i then moved the layers about so that every layer looked like it was looking through the class at the one before it and the girls where side by side.The last layer I put on the text tool and wrote the word diaphanous. I like the outcome i uploaded it after saving it as a jpeg









I picked this picture for the word loop.  This is a series of fingerprints because in the middle of the finger print in this case the swirl in the middle is called a loop. I got a picture of a finger print and copied it many times each time i changed the appearance of the fingerprint slightly by converting the image to a smart layer and cutting out different parts of the print. I changed the colours of each of them and changed the position to an angle and layered them over on another to fill the page changing the opacity of each from 100 to 60 % so that some could be seen through then others.



This is the image for serendipity. this was 3 layers of Alexander flemings petri dishes with the original bacterias forming what we now call penicilan. I suppose a happy accident that the dr discovered.  the inital pictures were black and white but i got a later petri dish that was in colour with these blues, greens. I put the black and white pictures on the bottom and layered them changing the opacity so that you could see them through each other i put the green on top and the patern looked like an eye I changed the blending of the top layer so it was a little brighter than the first then using the type tool i typed the work serendipity on the right hand corner of the “eye” using a handwriting style.



I took this picture up north using an 8mp mobile phone. Tilting the phone at an angle. I used this picture because it was a sequence of wooden posts on the beach the atmosphere was eerie that day and the sky was very moody. I really like the feel of the picture.

I imported it to Photoshop and changed the colour to black and white. I added a tint of yellow and changed each of the colour settings to change the feel of the picture I prefer to do it individually because you get a more subtle look.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   




I chose this picture because the effect of alcohol is short lived once you stop drinking you slowly sober the time factor depends on the amount of alcohol you consume. Buckfast is a drink of tonic wine mixed with caffeine so that you can drink more for longer the effect is still not going to last although the effects on society can. This has a teenager drinking the wine childhood and teenage years are also fleeting and a relatively short part of our lives now a days childhood is diminishing and you see children as young as 10 out drinking this sort of beverage trying to grow up much before there time. This is also a reflection of the world we live in when it’s cheaper to buy cheap wine than to feed a family with healthy fresh food also the decline in our economy sees more and more young ones turning to alcohol to soothe their disenchanted childhood.

I had a picture of a teenager drinking buckfast I layered the picture 9 times. I changed the hue and saturation of each layer to change the colours of each layer and displayed them in an Andy Warhol inspired fashion without the same vibrancy I wanted to be able to see the label on the bottle.

Using the type tool I made a band at the top and bottom of the picture saying the word ephemeral.





This is a picture I took on m 14mp compact camera. I was walking around Glasgow city centre when the film world war Z was being filmed and took lots of pictures. This was one of the crashed vehicles this was quite a close up shot. I was thinking of doing a picture of a computer crashing or a person crashed out. But I liked this picture because these vehicles had collided into one another in true Hollywood fashion here in sunny Glasgow. And they made Glasgow look like a street in Philadelphia so the two collided I supposed collided together for a short time.


I imported it to Photoshop and changed the hue and saturation to change the colour. I wanted to make this simple and mute the colours because the taxi was yellow I wanted all the colours to blend more.



I chose this picture for this word because the idea of utopia is that everyone should be happy and provided for with an ideal society with a perfect social and political system .  the communist idea was of this society rightly or wrongly and flawed that is what the state tried to promote likewise when housing estates like Castlemilk were made they were for everyone to have a clean and safe environment to like unlike many of the slums of the time. Communist propaganda photos had lots of red and yellow from chairman moa to the Soviet Union with its red fist they all were to highlight and promote a utopian society.

For my word utopia I have chosen a picture I made in Photoshop.  I uploaded a photo of a chairman Mao poster and removed the writing my converting the layer to a smart object retastersizing the layer and removing it with the magic want tool. I slightly adjusted the colour to brighten it slightly. I had an old photo of castlemilk when it was just built looking nice and new I layered the red and yellow poster style over the photo. I them imported a picture of the soviet fist and layered it over once I had removed the background. I then changed the opacity and the fill so you could see the pictures of the building through the fist. Using the text tool I wrote the word utopia in yellow curbing the angle of the words and placed it under the fist changing the opacity to about 70%.