My project is going to be to explore the notion of a utopian society and the ideals of communism.

It has often been said that Utopian societies are impossibility.

The first problem is the “One man’s heaven is another man’s hell” this is a fundamental problem with this idea.

A Christian utopia may not jive with a Muslim utopia the old adage one mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

. Would a world without war be a Utopia to a solider or certainly a politician who seems to consider the act of war more for political or financial gain or a world without disease or death be a Utopia to doctors or people who devote their time to helping the sick. Worlds with out any form of disability what would this be to millions of people who devote their time and energy into caring for disabled. What about police? They lose in a world without crime. No death puts all the industries that deal with death out of business.

Healing and medicine will not totally end as new problems will always arise

For all of these utopian ideals there could always be a solution .As a utopian society progresses it reaches a point where an outside observer can not tell a very high tech society from a low tech one.

But the way people work and earn “wealth” will change. Wealth is a state of contrast. One is “wealthy” in comparison to many who are not, like “the “poor.” Now a Utopian society is probably not a communistic society.

A Utopian society does not have a government system that is overly complex as most of the current functions of governments are met by strong independent capable individuals. You mean politicians will be displaced in a Utopian world.

A Utopian world will have some sort of loosely structured central world government, but not a government like any that exist at this time.

See all of the police, doctors or anyone who deals with the ills of the world they won’t be pushed to the way side more evil is always out there just waiting for a fight. A notion of “singularity” has individuals who spend most of their time pursuing enjoyable interests. At first this seems an increase in wild behaviour. Ten years or so of planetary mindless partying, then boredom sets in and they discover that life is more complex than just enjoyment that we can not have enjoyment without some sore of pain or discomfort in our lives. We need the Yin and yang in life opposites to make us appreciate what we have in life.

Communist ideals wish for a utopian society Communism is an ideology that aims to establish a classless, moneyless state. Common ownership by means of production.  A system in which the state plans and controls the economy often one party holds power. They clam to make progress towards a higher social order in which the goods are shared equally by the people.  The Marxist – Leninist of this ideal are to advocate the overthrow of capitalism. Free the lower class from poverty and give the poor a fighting chance. In order to free the lower class the government would have to control all the means of production so that no one could outdo anyone else by making more money. Sadly this is hard to achieve when humans are involved and proves to be difficult still to this day.

Unfortunately the practise of communism has not gone to plan and with the nations suffering at the hand of dictators. Anyone with there own views denied a voice and killed or tortured for their beliefs. Not being allowed to disagree with the state this undermining the idea of a utopian world.


Iam going to analyse and look at communist propaganda using a series of sounds to describe how we as people view utopian society and what sounds we associate with them. For many a communist ideal is the best way forward or others it’s a living hell. I want to achieve a sense of apprehension yet optimism. Looking at sounds that we think would exist if everything in our world was perfect.


  • Ø Show what sounds we think are part of a utopian ideal.
  • Ø Is communism the way forward for a utopian world?
  • Ø Is Marxism the way forward to achieve a perfect world?
  • Ø Is communism merely a way for a dictator to have domination?
  • Ø Can humans live in a utopian world? Can we exist together happily without someone dominating us?
  • Ø Does humanity always need a hierarchy?


Look at online archives of footage of communist advertising sampling sounds for the footage or video. Listen to communist propaganda recordings of speeches take parts of these recording and remix them. Look at Marxist art see what the Marxist ideal promotes and take footage from this to assemble my sound piece.  Listen to sounds that as people we think are naturally part of a utopian world. Bird sounds, waves, rain, thunderstorms the calm after a storm that peaceful moment after a storm.  Record pleasant sounds of nature that we naturally think would be there if we lived in a utopian “shangrlia” Listen to sounds that we associate with a dystopian world. Gunfire, Explosions, crying sounds that make us feel uneasy inside like the apprehension of something bad going to happen.

Use mixcraft 5 to create these sounds using the effects setting to recreate these sounds as well as record them using a microphone.

Upload these sounds to Adobe audition where I plan to mix them to create the sound piece that best describes my “UTOPIAN” world.

Take any footage of the archives I have looked at and on adobe premier edit them together with my sound to create my final piece of work.




  • Look at YOUTUBE videos
  • Read articles on communism and utopian society
  • Look at political artwork
  • Listen to Marxist views
  • Watch interviews on communist society
  • Explore the work of artists who have explored Marxist theory’s in their work
  • Listen to speeches my Lenin, Stalin etc.
  • Read paper articles that I can find online of useful information and relevant pictures.


Microphone, headphones.


College pc.

Adobe master suite 5.5 Audition, premier pro.

Mixcraft 5 sound suite

House hold objects to get some sounds.

soundcloud app.