My project is going to be to explore the notion of a utopian society and the ideals of communism.

Communist ideals wish for a utopian society Communism is an ideology that aims to establish a classless, moneyless state. Common ownership by means of production.  A system in which the state plans and controls the economy often one party holds power. They clam to make progress towards a higher social order in which the goods are shared equally by the people.  The Marxist – Leninist of this ideal are to advocate the overthrow of capitalism. Free the lower class from poverty and give the poor a fighting chance. In order to free the lower class the government would have to control all the means of production so that no one could outdo anyone else by making more money. Sadly this is hard to achieve when humans are involved and proves to be difficult still to this day.

Unfortunately the practise of communism has not gone to plan and with the nations suffering at the hand of dictators. Anyone with there own views denied a voice and killed or tortured for their beliefs. Not being allowed to disagree with the state this undermining the idea of a utopian world.


  • Ø Show what sounds we think are part of a utopian ideal.
  • Ø Is communism the way forward for a utopian world?
  • Ø Is Marxism the way forward to achieve a perfect world?
  • Ø Is communism merely a way for a dictator to have domination?
  • Ø Can humans live in a utopian world? Can we exist together happily without someone dominating us?
  • Ø Does humanity always need a hierarchy?

The finished piece has fulfilled the brief although I would argue that it has a sound of dystopia rather than utopia. I wanted create a track that when listened to would make the listener feel the contradictions that are associated with the idea of utopia the fact that communism itself tries to accomplish a state of fairness and ideals that everyman is equal yet the practice often is achieved through dictatorship and violence. The iron fist often rules and the reality of a perfect society itself is a ridiculous notion. Humans are not perfect anything living is not perfect we are all flawed in one way or another and trying to achieve this impossible task is going against the grain of nature.

I wanted to have a lulling introduction leading into a speech of Stalin with the undercurrent of propaganda music. Underneath that it had gunfire to a steady beat. With birds tweeting and singing in the background. Rain falling alongside the birdsong with the guns banging in the distance and the gentle waves helping to establish the beat along with the guns the drums of the piece the heartbeat of the piece. Fading of to the hazy sounds of a chaotic yet gentle lull fading into the distance.

I started by recording sounds of the waves then exporting these to adobe audition I didn’t really change much with the sound of the waves I wanted to hear the breeze with the sea.

I then recorded a combination of guns firing in repetitive beat layered the sound of rain falling I did this in mix craft 5 using the virtual keyboard.

I layered more sound of rain falling with bird songs having these fading in and out of each other. This I did again on mix craft 5 on the virtual keyboard.

I made two more sounds on the virtual keyboard horns and whitenoise layered these together and changed the pitch and the reverb this crated a gentle and lulling sound that I used for the introduction to the piece.

I again used the virtual keyboard to make another two ambiguous sound like a wave distorted and fading off this I used for the ending of the piece I like to think the finished is a myriad of sounds to create my sound of utopia or dystopia.  All of the sounds I created on mix craft 5 I imported to adobe audition to add and echo and change the quality of the sounds I had. I found a nice piece of Chinese propaganda music and a Stalin speech that I used YouTube converter to remove the audio I then I imported these into adobe audition added a filter and changed the speed and layered these in-between the intro and the outro of the piece to achieve the finished piece.