Billy Connolly born 24/11/1942. His first career was as a welder in the docks of Glasgow at the height of the ship building industry. He gave his day job up and pursued a career as a folk singer in the hummblebums then going solo. singing in clubs and pubs. always being a funny character his shows would often have comedic significance leading him to further his comedy career to become one of the best stand up comedians of our time. Nicknamed the ”Big Yin” (big one).

Connolly’s banana boots were made by the renowned Glasgow pop artist, Edmund Smith for The Great Northern Welly Boot Show in 1972, a satire on the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in. The show led to Connolly’s big break. The boots currently sit in the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens in Glasgow

The boots made their first appearance on stage at the Music Hall in Aberdeen in August 1975. That same year the documentary, Big Banana Feet, was filmed, taking its title from the outrageous banana boots which almost became Billy’s trademark.

big banana feet tour 1976.