Looking up lots of web based art sites I found this: Oulipoems it is 6interactive poems to help you build a poem using the interactivity ofthe web and mathematical solutions to to achieve this. I really likedthis website although at first glance it may not seem to have thegreatest artistic quality with a bright yellow page with mathsequations and words scribble over it I really liked this site perhapsthe styling not the most dynamic in the world but when you begin tochose a poem and interact with it you realise that this is a greatsite and in my view could be considered word art. You are pointingyour mouse over different nm areas to achieve different outcomes. Forme someone who writes a lot of poems and is not mathematical minded Iloved the fact that the different poems were like mini game gainingmy attention to the written word.

The game

“TheElectronic Muse,” we are in the range of almost infinitepossibilities. This program generates lines of poetry using thevocabularies of one of six different poets. The algorithm to generatethe lines is based on the linguistics theory of Phrase StructureGrammar (developed by Chomsky). “The Electronic Muse” is awriting tool and not just a text generator, because the user caninteract with it by editing the texts it generates. The user can alsoadd words to the program’s vocabulary. This piece is mathematicalbecause of its use of maths linguistics. The texts it generatesfollow constraints since they use limited vocabularies and aregenerated according to rules.

I found this site to be interesting and informative and I wanted tolearn more about the mathematical logistics behind it although myselfprobably one of the most un mathematical minded people in the world,yes the world I found myself wanting to interact and wanted to gain awider knowledge of how the works. I like the idea of mathematics andlanguage being intertwined each both essential to us all, each asinteresting the idea that someone who is not mathematically mindedcould gain interest in maths even if only at the most basic level andsomeone who is perhaps more mathematical minded could write poemsassisted by the interaction of this site

The only thing I would suggest is to make the face of this site moreinteresting and dynamic more artful as I would consider this tobe word art.